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The Twisted T130 epitomises the essence of utility and durability. This modified juggernaut, with its extensive load space, is engineered to carry whatever you require, be it for work, adventure, or anything in between. Its sturdy frame and robust design make it an unyielding force, capable of facing the toughest of challenges head-on.

Whether it’s hauling heavy equipment across rugged landscapes or serving as a reliable partner in your daily endeavours, the T130 stands as a testament to what a true utilitarian vehicle should be – unstoppable, unbreakable, and unequivocally Twisted.

The ultimate load lugger and adventure vehicle, meticulously crafted on the robust foundations of the T110. This extraordinary machine is the embodiment of Twisted’s philosophy of blending classic ruggedness with contemporary innovation and luxury, tailored specifically for those who seek both utility and unparalleled off-road capability.
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The T130 takes the spaciousness and functionality of the original Defender 130 to new heights. Its extended chassis not only enhances load capacity but also ensures stability and comfort, even when fully laden. This vehicle is a true workhorse, designed for those who need to transport heavy gear, whether it’s for work, exploration, or leisure.

Under the bonnet lies a carefully enhanced engine, meticulously tuned to deliver increased horsepower and torque with a Twisted-designed stainless steel exhaust and upgraded intercooler. Our work on the original diesel power plant transforms its torque curve and horsepower figures, giving you confidence to overtake, cruise at motorway speeds, or make towing more pleasurable.


Defender 130 XS donor vehicle in your choice of body style

Air Conditioning

Remote Alarm and Central Locking

Electric Front Windows

Heated Front and Rear Windscreens

Tubular Side Steps


Twisted performance upgrade to original diesel or Petrol/Electric conversion

ECU Software Remap and Speed De-Restriction

Cotton Panel Air Filter

Twisted Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Twisted Progressive Suspension System

Twisted Re-Developed Polybush Kit

Front and Rear Twisted Performance Brakes


Body sealing, panel alignment and full soundproof installation

Premium Interior Carpeting

Twisted Classic Steering Wheel

Twisted Dials and Clock

Twisted Alcantara Trimming to Headlining and Sun Visors

7″ Touch Screen with Sat Nav, Reversing Camera, and Car Play

Re-engineered 8 Channel Audio System

LED Interior Downlighting

Controlled Rear Door Opening

Vehicle Tracker with Driver Recognition System

Built-in Battery Conditioner

Twisted Interior Build Plaque

Twisted leather trimming to full interior


Twisted 18″ Wheels in choice of styles and colours

BF Goodrich All Terrain Tyres

Twisted aluminium front bumper with daytime running lights and Lazer high output driving lights

LED headlights, side lights and tail lamps

Twisted Stage One Front End including Top and Side Vents

Twisted steering guard in black

Upgraded Wiper Blades

Satin black colour coding to side step tops

Towing electrics relocated within the rear crossmember

Satin black colour coding to the rear crossmember

Twisted Billet Aluminium Door Handles, Window Blocks and Fuel Cap with Fuel Designation Plaque

Colour coding to the wing mirrors in body colour

Spray protection to the chassis and axle casings

Twisted stainless Exterior Fixings

Twisted Exterior Yorkshire Plaques

Inside, the Twisted T130 is a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. The cabin is designed to offer a premium experience while reflecting the vehicle’s adventurous spirit. High-quality materials, such as fine leather and bespoke trim options, are used throughout, creating an interior that is as durable as it is elegant.

True to Twisted’s bespoke approach, the T130 is fully customisable to suit individual tastes and requirements. From unique colour schemes to personalised interior colour palettes, each T130 is a distinct expression of its owner’s personality and lifestyle. Whether it’s for hauling heavy loads, embarking on cross-country expeditions, or simply enjoying the rugged luxury it offers, the T130 stands as a testament to Twisted’s unparalleled craftsmanship and the enduring legacy of the Land Rover Defender.