The redefined TJ boasts more power, more luxury and more fun – it was so important to ensure we adhered to our Twisted ethos with this brilliant little 4×4. Our focus therefore has been on power, handling and refinement.

The transformation from the original vehicles is absolutely astounding. We have engaged with engineers in Dubai, Japan and the UK to bring together a completed product which still feels TJ but with attitude and refinement. It’s faster, quieter, safer and so much cooler.

Where the iconic Suzuki TJ meets the exceptional craftsmanship of Twisted Automotive. A product of passion, innovation, and meticulous engineering, the Twisted TJ redefines what’s possible in a compact 4×4, setting a new standard for power, performance, and refinement.







At the heart of the Twisted TJ is a powerhouse of performance. Twisted Automotive’s engineers have meticulously developed components that elevate the Suzuki TJ’s power, providing an exhilarating driving experience both on and off the road.

Experience power in tranquility. The Twisted TJ boasts a refined exhaust system and soundproofing enhancements, delivering a quieter ride without compromising the thrill of its potent engine. The Twisted TJ stands out with its unique design suspension system, providing impeccable handling and stability. Whether navigating city streets or conquering challenging terrains, the Twisted TJ ensures a smooth and controlled ride.

Feel the responsiveness of every turn, as the Twisted TJ’s handling is fine-tuned for optimal performance. Agile, nimble, and confident, this compact SUV takes control to new heights.

Step into the exquisite realm of luxury embodied by the Twisted TJ, where an unparalleled commitment to refinement and comfort defines every detail of its interior. Adorned with fine leather finishes, the cabin reflects the meticulous craftsmanship that is synonymous with the Twisted brand.

Ergonomically designed seats invite you into a world of comfort, ensuring that every moment behind the wheel is a pleasurable experience. Every aspect of the Twisted TJ’s interior has been curated to perfection to enhance the overall driving experience. From the soft touch of premium leather surfaces to the precisely placed controls, each element is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to creating an enjoyable driving environment.

Whether embarking on a short urban journey or a long-distance adventure, the Twisted TJ’s cabin offers a refined oasis on the road and every drive becomes a memorable journey, inviting you to savour the luxury that defines the Twisted driving experience.



Air Conditioning

Remote Alarm and Central Locking

Electric Front Windows

Heated Front and Rear Windscreens


Twisted perfomance turbo upgrade for Jimny


Sports downpipe

Syvecs ECU and mapping


Oil feeds

Performance air filter and catch tank

Twisted performance suspension package for Jimny

To include: rear performance anti-roll bar installation and gas damped shock absorbers


Mid line down internal soundproofing to Jimny

Surcharge for square quilt to seats

Twisted audio upgrade for Jimny

Twisted Jimny double din infotainment system with Carplay, DAB, Bluetooth

Twisted soft touch finish to :
– Dial surrounds
– Dashboard vent rings

Twisted leather trimming to:
– Jimny standard front seats
– Jimny door handles
– Jimny steering wheel
– Jimny gear levers and handbrake


Twisted Jimny 16″ wheel in black

BF Goodrich 16″ all-terrain 215 tyres

Colour coding to wing mirrors for Jimny

Twisted stage one front end conversion for Jimny black

Twisted hip stripe for Jimny

Twisted – Yorkshire plaque for Jimny

Paint to Jimny hinge cover