Drive in Twist out.

Drive in standard, drive out Twisted®. A Conversion & Restoration service for customer owned Defender®. From soundproofing to stainless fixings and engine power upgrades, chassis undersealing to lighting upgrades or full individual conversions.


Make It Yours, and Only Yours

One of the few times, you really have a choice in how a vehicle is put together, these are not just off the shelf options, these are years of experience combined with incredible products. Whilst we offer guidance, we do not dictate. This is about you.


Your Drive

Working exclusively with the best component manufacturers in the UK and beyond, Twisted® have redefined a personality - for the better. It's about what can't be seen from the outside, but can be felt from the inside.

What Inspires You?

Your Comfort

An exhilarating drive may be possible and even pleasurable, it must not be at the expense of what makes this vehicle what it is. Defender®, sympthetically enhanced to meet your very needs, not ruined for the next owner. A vehicle you choose, a vehicle you keep.

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Your Power

Breaking the barriers of convention whilst retaining character, integrety and status, Twisted® have developed power options to allow the vehicle to show more of its talent. A book should not be judged by its cover.


Your Details

Twisted® provide you with a rare and rewarding opportunity, to own a vehicle that is truly focused on your preferences and passions.

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