Twisted Sport 18 Inch Alloy Wheel & Tyre – ET10



Designed and manufactured in Italy exclusively for Twisted, the 18″ Sport Alloy Wheel has become one of the iconic items, synonymous with our brand. This fits all Defenders and offers a deep dish, wider offset option. This wheel helps to decrease the turning circle, offers improved road handling and a more aggressive stance. These wheels come in ET10 off set, meaning no need for the use of spacers. The wheel will sit much wider than a stock alloy, but 10mm inboard compared to our ET0 variation of the same design. Being slightly more tucked under the arch compared to an ET0, this wheel won’t spray quite as much mud and dirt up the side of your vehicle, so may be more suited to those who do a lot of mileage, or more off-roading with their Defenders. This full set also includes a Wheel Pack, which consists of: colour coded wheel nuts and locking nuts, a new wheel brace to compliment these, and colour coded centre caps to cover the drive flange, to finish off the look of your wheels.

This set is now available as package, with tyres. This kit will arrive to you balanced, ready to fit and enjoy on your car. The tyre of choice for us is the BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2, in 265/65r18, as fitted to the majority of our in house builds. One of the leading tyres on the market for a reason, we find it to be the best of all worlds, both capable off-road, without ruining on road compliance.

Due to the size of these wheels and tyres once assembled, they need to be sent by pallet courier, so we can only ship to the UK and Mainland Europe. Tyres are available with white writing either facing, or non-facing. Please specify when ordering.

– 5 spoke sport alloy wheel, 18″ x 9″, sets of 4 or 5 wheels, with Wheel Pack.

– Fitted with BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2, in 265/65r18.

– Available in both satin black and satin anthracite grey.

– Also available in ET0.

– 1100kg load rating.


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