Classic Twisted

A genuine Twisted® is a vehicle that has been supplied from new by Twisted® and modified by Twisted® to a specification that has all of the key Twisted® comfort, performance and handling elements. It is not a vehicle dripping in bolt on accessories, nor a vehicle that necessarily looks very different from its roots. Its a vehicle that nods passionately at its heritage and looks excitedly at its longevity and future.

The brand new Classic Twisted® is all of this, limited in both specification and numbers, but with upgrades that include progressive suspension, engine performance, chassis protection, long life fixings, the brand new 'Classic' Twisted® wheel and unique billet door handles, it is a wonderful celebration of what once was normal, what we could all once buy and took for granted because it had been around forever, we just assumed it always would be there.

Engineering Excellence

The Classic Twisted® is born from a stack of passion and a wealth of experience making the iconic Defender® better than it’s ever been. It’s this blend of engineering excellence and hand-detailing that makes up a Twisted® Classic. Staying true to the original, we simply allow the Defender® to show off more of its talent. You might not always see the twist - but you’ll definitely feel it.

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Seize the Spirit

From tarmac to tundra, dirt to dune and motorway to mountain, Twisted® drivers seize the spirit of the anti-ordinary, whether they’re conquering the highest peak or cruising along the high street. You already know Twisted® boldly stands for an Anti-Ordinary spec. Now we’ve captured that trademark excellent performance and distilled it all into the Classic Twisted®.

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Act Swiftly

Classic Twisted is available from stock for a limited time, further specification is possible through our Aftermarket Upgrades Process. The Series I Classic Twisted® will be built to a maximum of 20 units and are not likely to be available for long. For a model mix of available stock, do act swiftly.

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