Remake History

The Land Rover Defender. The most iconic vehicle ever to be created. Steeped in heritage. Rooted in modern British history. The workhorse. The off-roader. The undisputed beast of the green lane. When the first one was built in 1948, Land Rover gave birth to an icon. When production ended in 2016, a legend was born. Now you can own a Twisted modern interpretation of the most significant Defenders ever made. Together, we'll remake history.

The Twisted plaque

The Twisted plaque is something we, and Twisted vehicle owners take a great deal of pride in. It's so much more than a badge - it's a mark of quality, performance and style that is only ever applied to Land Rover Defender that have been remade entirely, by time-served Twisted craftspeople.

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The legacy lives on

A new Twisted is a statement of intent. A mark of someone who values quality, performance and comfort. Tasteful, genuine and true to its heritage, Twisted takes the Defender experience and multiplies it beyond all expectations. Supplied new, this is a vehicle that benefits from decades of engineering and detailing expertise from specialists who are passionate about preserving the best of Defender while preparing it to take on the future.

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In 2017, the Classic Series I was built and sold. In 2018 the Classic SII was built and limited remaining stock are still available. In 2019, Classic SIIA will be upon us as we continue to remake history.

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