Goodwood Members’ Meeting – A Round Up

The Members’ Meeting is always a great show to attend, for anyone who loves their classic cars this is the one to be seen at, and with the Defender quickly becoming an icon it made a perfect link for us to be there.

The drive is always long but when you’re in a stunning Twisted it doesn’t feel too much of a task. With two of our demos in convoy – T80 Santorini black 90 station wagon demo and (now sold) T40 Aintree green 110 utility – they looked fabulous, Freddie had done a great job with the detailing and they were attracting a lot of attention on the M1. Six hours later and we arrived at Goodwood, now we just had to give them a final spruce and set up the stand!

We had our usual location right next to the exclusive members’ car park and it didn’t fail to impress. The pedigree of beautiful cars ranging from 1920s onwards was exquisite, from a series 2 Aston Martins to a 2009 Fisker electric car, they were all immaculate and ready to be admired by the visitors.

As the two days panned out we saw many of our fans and customers who we don’t usually get to see, as they’re based much further South than good old Thirsk, so great to catch up and have a good chat, we even had a visit from our old friend Max Chilton. The demos looked great and were attracting lots of attention, especially the Aintree paint. It’s a colour rather typical of Land Rover… look one colour but in the light sparkle it looks quite different. Aside from the demos there was another question people were dying to ask ‘What will you be doing now the Defender is no longer in production?’. It’s a valid question and one that is on the tip of everyone’s lips who comes on to the stand, our answer is simple and gives people so many options: We still have a small supply of brand new Defender in stock from our final order, bring in your own Defender to be Twisted or we can source a second hand one from our sister company LR Motors who deal in buying and selling Defender.

The Saturday is all about qualifying where as the Sunday’s focus is on the racing itself. As the cars raced around the track the sound was phenomenal! The roar of the classic racing cars was fabulous to hear and being so close to the track it was almost deafening, never the less we still managed to chat Defender to as many people as possible, it’s always great to hear your stories and your love for the vehicle. So many people have such an emotional connection to their Land Rover that it becomes part of the family, we say keep them but make sure you look after them, protect them and care for them.

Keep a look out for what shows we’ll be at during the year and if you’re there make sure to pop in and say hi.

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