Together We’re Stronger

As everyone knows Twisted was set up in 2001 to create the best Defenders in the world and, even if we say so ourselves, we think we’re doing a pretty good job at that!

What a lot of people won’t know is that in 2015 Twisted launched another operation – LR Motors.

LR Motors was set up at the previous Twisted HQ, to be a unique business specialising in the buying and selling of only Land Rover Defenders. Its been trading for almost a year now and is going from strength to strength, with a constant stock of at least 35 Defenders, ranging from standard Landrover special edition vehicles to second hand Twisted and everything in between at a full range of ages and prices – Basically, if you are looking for a second hand Defender this is the place to go.

As LR Motors has grown it didn’t quite feel right to have the two entities separate, both having a passion for Defenders it seemed only right to have the two working much closer together. So as of the Twisted open day back in August, LR moved the some 35 Defenders to their new home at Twisted HQ – Sussex Court.

The move might only be a few hundred yards around the corner but the difference it has made is vast… As a joint entity we can now provide a much broader offering to our customers and give a better service, all from one single location. No matter what kind of Defender you’re looking for you can get the full range from Twisted or LR motors, whatever your budget.

With the range of Defenders in stock you can purchase a base vehicle from LR Motors and ‘Twist’ it to your own specification or even have it fully converted to receive a Twisted Conversion plaque.  On the flip side, if a new Twisted isn’t your cup of tea or in your price range then there might well be a second hand one in perfect condition at LR Motors.

To view the current LR Motors stock, click here.

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