Back to the Land Rover Roots

The Defender is a classic but without the love of the Series One it might have been a different story! We invited some of the local Land Rover Series One Owners Club to come and visit Twisted HQ to get back to the roots of the good old Land Rover.

The weather was warm and dry, just what you need in a breezy Series One, 10.30am hit and the first enthusiast arrived. As they started to trickle through the gate they looked very cute all in a line outside Twisted HQ (next to a load of Defender they do look small and cute!) – 13 in total – it was the perfect photo opportunity!

Everyone was here so with a pastry and a brew in hand the tour could begin and with Charlie leading the way we walked through the showroom and into the workshop! The Twisted workshop is always a paradise for any Land Rover fan, with 5 Defender on the ramps all with different work being carried out from chassis protection to soundproofing, there’s always something to see. There was much curiosity and questions about the great work we do here, how we work and what we do, what’s the Twisted story and a few about the new Defender (if only we knew but Land Rover are keeping it very secret!).

After looking around the stunning Twisted vehicles it was time to get closer to the Series Ones, the bonnets were up, the doors were open and everyone was diving in for a look. Some were beautifully restored and looked brand new while some were as original as the day they came of the production line – They looked fab!

The day had felt like a flashback in time, a time to reflect and remember just how far the Land Rover has come from the small farm vehicle to one of the most iconic motor shapes in history.


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